Phi by Andy Tauer

Until this perfume was in my nose I knew nothing of the roses grown especially in the eastern province of Nangarhar in Afghanistan. As an alternative to cultivating poppies, Nangarhar farmers have successfully grown roses to the delight of the perfume world, and most importantly to sustain “legal livelihoods” as part of Welt Hunger Hilfe‘s objective called “Roses for Nangarhar”.   Andy Tauer has created in Phi – une rose de Kandahar a complex composition of natural apricot, cinnamon, bitter almond, bergamot, Bulgarian rose, bourbon geranium, tobacco, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, tonka, musk, and ambergris: all surrounding the Nangarhar rose oil.

 This poem, the last of the Andy Tauer perfumes series, for now, is inspired by Phi – une rose de Kandahar

Pulling at the strings

cotton catching light


Red, white and black

skim a cloudless sky


The wind carries a story

of man and his desire to fly


He cuts paper in to a diamond

turns sticks to a cross

calling it a kite


You can stand on the ground

and fly at the same time


He hands it to her and

tells his only child


“You are higher than me

take it and fly”



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